Teenagers hope:a curse or a miracle

Alone teenager.

Hey…hi if u r readng ds….i have only 2 plasces to write 1.My blog. 2.My heart….,I just want to express wat i hve done nd wat i feel about it.

Not much to say sooo here it is……

I m sick of hoping….evryday i wake up nd still i dream nd tru to believe in my dreams bt evry singkle night i just go in bed wd a qreck heart.

My hope is not some inspiring one.Insoiration is when u TRY….whn u do Something abut ur goals bt here i m just tired of startung D1st step i hve nevr taken.

I evrday TRY atlwast in my head bt i fall.I want to study hard i m tryng to do dat 4m past 5 yrs cuz dats ol i hve to make my dreeams come true or else get out of my damp life….bt all i again do is fall my self in d misery….,I hve tried nd cried evryday

..All say dont stop believing in ur deams bt now i m in a place where i donno weather to continue hoping dat 1 day i WILL change or just lrave dose bug dreams nd b happy wd wat i m ……

I m jst addicted to holding…

Wat to do???

ope everyday….nd i m sick of it


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