1.When you feel sad,bad,hurt because of a situation or thing .Start working .Do/write/get up/walk.But don’t sit and think.
2.The main goal of everyday and life is to be happy.You are able to do every work so effortlessly when u r HAPPY. Main reason of happiness is being alive every moment.
3.The real love /relationship s with u nd God, not girls nd guys .
4.After learning for a long time so many lessons from mistakes there comes a time when u shud make urself realise dat now u r good enough to move forward.Take challenges.Dat now U CAN.DAT NOW u r no more DAT girl.NOW u know enough,now you are enough.
5.Real commitment s imp. In life.Wd not lover but firstly work, parents nd ur best friend.
6.Think like aristocrats.I m too busy in pulling myself up dat I don’t have time to fine fault of orders”
7.LOA s not writing 100timesi will wake up.It. not making big plan hw to carry out dreams.It s simple dreaming nd enjoying thinking abutt it nd den letting go wd trust in Allah..dat it will.(deepak chopra)(one of d best conclusion I ever wrote abut LOA)*Law Of Attraction.
8.Don’t run back to people.;Again nd again to d same things who broke ur heart in d expectations.. Dat Ds time a status,dp..,quote,words will come for u.Stop making head crazy fora guy.close in clouds b4 it rains.
9.U cannot reach goals by inspiring itself wd negative thoughts/by being unhappy.
10.B STERN VOICE.U r not made to just please orders.Make urself rembr everyday dat I m WORTHY OF LOVE.
11.ur 20s r made for dreams of everything except love.Dese years r not made for loving but having fun.
12.Everything s easy nd simply irrespective of size,famous.Main reason of happiness is being alive every moment.
13.If u have a Lott of lov inside u denspend it on ur dreams nd parents not guys.
14.U r scared to love bcuz u think u r unworthy to receive love.Change dat.
15.U r not a perfect person.And it will take u certain amount of blows to learn a lesson.B happy wd ur pave of learning atlest its ur pace.😊
16.u r not at all as dumb as u feel nd not as knowledgeable/mature as u show oders.
17.Intelligent people IGNORE.Get out of head nD bed.Nd dats s y it’s easiest reasons to be happy.
18.sleep early wakeup early.
19.Repeat remeber nd reread/learn ol dese lessons of 2016 everday.
20. .Nothing in life s permanent. uncertainty of emotios-siuation.people.experience change wd ur emotions ..they themselves dont change.and words,people r always uncertain


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